The SkyBridge SweepMasters system is a patented, site-centric, cloud-based enterprise application infrastructure that resides in the Microsoft AZURE Cloud. The entire system operates under port 443 (HTTPS) encryption and has multi-regional backups and disaster recovery protocols.
While functioning normally as a multi-user content management system, it offers some unique features - most of all, the SweepMasters Engine.

The SweepMasters Engine is a code base that, in conjunction with a trace filename, acquires specific data needed to process a trace. These data are such things as beginning frequency, ending frequency, limit line, markers, filter information, color code, sector designator, etc. A number of calculations are performed on each trace at lightning-fast speeds, and the system can determine not only pass/fail but whether or not the test was shot within the required frequency band, if the trace in question in the correct type and even if the trace has been previously utilized in SweepMasters (which would cause it to be rejected). So, it's not the manufacturer's software that makes the system work, it's actually that the SweepMasters system makes the equipment compatible with the cloud. SweepMasters is the translation layer, as well as the workhorse and the display model, and this is all thanks to our massive specifications database and unique file identification methodology. Add loss calculations, custom report functions, online viewing, PDF and raw trace output and closeout documentation ZIP files with the click of your mouse and you have the world's leading cloud-based enterprise app for building and maintaining wireless infrastructures.

When it comes to reducing cycle time in an enterprise environment, SkyBridge Services is the best choice for data integrity and accessibility, as well as report and output certification.

For more information on the SkyBridge SweepMasters System, and how we can help you to increase efficiency and potential profitability, contact us today.