Automated, Fast

Collecting closeout documentation has been, for many, a trying process. Different documents, in varying fomats must be put together and then diseminated. But thanks to SkyBridge CPM, all documents are compiled together into a single compressed archive and easily delivered to their final destination.

And the best part about it is that only one click of a button is required to do this.

Any Electronic Format

PDF, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, DOC: it doesn't matter. As long as it's a standard electronic format, SkyBridge CPM will accept and transmit the document.

Online Viewing

Any COP document, once uploaded, can be viewed before the package is compiled. It's fast, easy and efficient. As an added benefit, all photos are viewable online, even with unlimited zoom.


By viewing the items online, Construction Managers can accept or reject documents before they are compiled. This prevents errors or getting entire COPs kicked back by the carrier.


With the simple click of a mouse, all of the approved closeout documents are compiled into a single ZIP archive--the industry standard for archival compression. This lone file can then be easily transported to any location desired. As an added bonus, a single PDF closeout document can be provided, accessible by a simple click of a mouse.